Waitrose's e-commerce partner Last Mile Solutions has unveiled its brand name, Ocado, and a five year deal with BOC Distribution Services which will provide warehousing operations. All branding will be "Ocado in partnership with Waitrose". Ocado's internet shopping service will be launched from BOC premises in Hemel Hempstead in the autumn, and move to a picking centre in Hatfield early next year. The centre, which is currently under construction, will provide 1.2m sq ft of floorspace. Ocado md Nigel Robertson said: "That centre will be capable of doing the equivalent in home delivery terms of 20 medium sized superstores, and will be able to reach anywhere in the South East." The picking facility will be operated jointly by BOC and Ocado, but deliveries will be carried out by Ocado employees. Robertson said Ocado would expand into a national operation, serving major conurbations, within three to five years. {{NEWS }}