There's no change at the top with Asda achieving its sixth consecutive victory as cheapest retailer with a £47.38 basket, but Morrisons has let its grip on second position slip. It is testament to the consistency of Asda's low-pricing strategy that it claimed another win without making any price cuts that affected this week's list. Its only increase was 24p to its new potatoes, but they were still the cheapest on the list. Tesco nudged Morrisons back to third position this week, undercutting its rival on Lynx shower gel by 82p and lowering the price of its pears to make them the cheapest on the list. They were 33p less than Morrisons'. Tesco also benefited from Morrisons' £1 price hike on its Walkers Crisps variety pack. However, it was a close-fought race for second place. Morrisons' basket total was only 12p more expensive than Tesco's, and its price hike on the Walkers crisps was nearly offset by a 71p cut to its own label beef braising steak. Although Morrisons offered the cheapest prices for Stella Artois and the Birds Eye Chicken curry, there was no great saving as the products were only 1p more expensive at Asda. Aside from adding 10p to the price of pears, Sainsbury's made no price changes this week and remained in fourth position. While it matched the prices of 21 Asda items last week, it could only match 14 this week. Somerfield provided 19 of the most expensive items on the list - the same number as last week. It kept its £59 basket down by lowering the price of its own label beef braising steak by £1. Somerfield also provided the Kleenex for Men tissues cheaper than any other retailer - on special offer at £1.99 - whereas its rival Waitrose increased the price of Kleenex for Men from £1.99 to £3.26. Waitrose's price hike on tissues combined with its significantly more expensive own label food items, such as the £7 brie selling for more than double Asda's price, kept the retailer in the most expensive position for another week with a £61.74 total.