The pricing gap between the top four supermarkets is particularly narrow this week, with just 66p separating the fourth cheapest supermarket from first place.

The cost of our 33 items from Asda came to £41 - once again, the lowest-priced basket on our list.

The retailer has maintained its rock-bottom price of 50p for a ­kilogramme of own label long-grain rice, but has raised the cost of its own label beef-steak mince from £3.86 to £4.48, a feat that has been followed by Tesco this week.

The cost of the same 33 items at Tesco came to £41.32, just 32p more expensive than Asda.

The top two matched each other for price on 28 of the items on our list this week, with the main points of difference on fresh produce and alcohol.

A look at our shopping list reveals that prices fluctuate quite substantially on John Smith Extra Smooth bitter - one of the new additions to The Grocer 33 shopping list.

The cheapest four-pack of cans can be found at Asda for £3.28, and the most expensive at Somerfield for £4.69.

Sainsbury rang in with the week's third cheapest till receipt at £41.56, pipping Morrisons to the post by just 10p.

The retailer, which is currently recording a higher price than its nearest rival for some of the fresh produce and snacking items on our list, is running a half-price promotion on its own label fresh double cream causing that price to plummet by 31p.

However, both Morrisons and Sainsbury are currently sporting considerably cheaper prices than Tesco and Asda for their own label beef-steak mince.

Waitrose is enjoying its second week in the position of fifth cheapest supermarket. It's basket cost £44.93, compared with Somerfield's price of £46.31.

Somerfield is running a half-price promotion on its Kellogg's Variety packs, while price points on some of its alcohol and fresh produce lines, including meat, fruit and vegetables, remain considerably higher than its competitors.