How could the store be improved?

We simply don't have enough space, which is a real challenge. Our store is 6,000 ft below Morrisons' standard footprint and we have a comparatively large footfall of 37,000 customers a week. I would love another 10,000 sq ft to balance things out. We have concentrated on not clogging the aisles with pallets and packing trolleys and make sure that two trolleys can pass by each other with ease. But because of our size we have to re-stock sections every day.

Which products are selling well at the moment?

We recently invested in expanding our health and beauty department and it has paid dividends as sales have steadily increased. Only 15% of our products are non-food so we have to plan carefully. We are also experiencing great demand for our new Polish food section. It contains sauerkraut, red cabbage and other beetroot-oriented products. We have a diverse community in this area and a lot of Polish people are familiar with these types of products.

What changes lie ahead for your store?

Although we don't offer an online delivery service, our store's software will be upgraded to allow an online shopping facility as part of Morrisons' nationwide investment program. Also, the staff are waiting anxiously to see what the new uniforms will look like. They are going to be unveiled at the end of the month.

How do you keep your staff ­motivated?

Constant praise and plenty of communication. I work in a fun environment and we celebrate when someone's done something right and wind them up when they haven't! But it's important for me to be on the shop floor talking with the customers and staff.

Who are your local competitors?

There is a large Asda down the road and another Morrisons nearby in Swinton. We keep in close contact and regularly give each other stick!