Nisa-Today's has recruited UK leisure group Pontin's as a member and announced record sales volumes.

Both developments take the group nearer to its goal of boosting distribution volumes to compete with supermarket buying power.

Pontin's will receive ambient, frozen and chilled deliveries from the organisation from February 2007. It will shortly begin internal redevelopment and adoption of the Nisa retail fascia across its eight UK retail sites at resorts.

In addition, Nisa-Today's said it sold 7.8 million cases of product through its central distribution hub in Scunthorpe, an 8% year-on-year increase, between 23 October and 12 November.

The rise is higher than any period in its history. Nisa-Today's attributed the growth mainly to retailers supporting New Era Terms, a loyalty rebate scheme it launched in February.

Separately, transfer of temperature-controlled deliveries to Scunthorpe has begun, pre-empting the roll-out of tri-temperature deliveries next year.

Temperature-controlled operations have already been moved from one of Nisa's outbases in Newcastle.

"There are no plans to cease operations at any of Nisa-Today's other out­bases," said John Sharpe, MD of central distribution, trading and logistics.