Safeway is aiming to boost job opportunities for disabled people through a deal signed with recruitment agency Remploy.
The company specialises in finding employment for disabled workers, a group which it claims represents up to 20% of the UK workforce.
Remploy has agreed to inform appropriate job candidates of opportunities to work for Safeway at all levels and to carry information on Safeway posts on its website.
Safeway HR director for stores Nicola Instone said: "This agreement represents a huge step forward in reaffirming a policy already inherent in our culture and will further increase the number of disabled people we employ.
"It will enable us to access a broader pool of potential employees with a range of skills, thereby creating a more diverse workforce."
Executive director at Remploy Stuart Knowles added: "There are thousands of disabled people with a range of skills who want to work and are simply looking for an opportunity to do so."

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