Sainsbury is strengthening its convenience supply chain and overhauling its in-store offer to help meet its sales growth plans for the next three years.
The company has created two key positions: head of supply chain and head of IT for convenience (see Movers & Shakers, p18). “We recognise how important both functions are to our development,” said convenience MD Jim McCarthy.
Sainsbury has three depots servicing convenience: Feltham, which supports Local; the Jacksons’ depot in Melton, which will have chilled capability soon; and Bells in Skelton. McCarthy said he was now seeking a single IT solution across all depots. There were plans to introduce convenience-specific forecasters, he added.
The company is also rolling out a new in-store proposition across standalone and Shell Locals. It has delisted up to 800 SKUs and reduced the height of gondolas to make it easier to see products. “We have done a lot of work on range rationalisation,” McCarthy said. “Stores were poorly ranged and not meeting certain requirements.”
He confirmed the roll-out of dual branding with Jacksons, Bells and JB Beaumont was being speeded up to one a week. “We will have 50 in the next 12 months,” he said.
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Siân Harrington
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