Rod Addy Somerfield aims to poach premium brand customers from Tesco and Sainsbury with So Good, its new own label upmarket food range. It is particularly looking to steal shoppers who are dedicated to those bigger rivals but still use Somerfield for top up purchases. A spokesman said: "So Good has been designed to win over this market." The 150-strong range features gold packaging and includes fresh produce, cheeses, desserts and ready meals. Wine and ambient groceries are also planned. Somerfield group marketing director Stephen Barnett said the range was part of the company's ongoing store modernisation programme. "We launched our premium Gold Selection range two and a half years ago, but it was time to move on and make it more universal,"he said. Rsps range from 89p for a pack of sultana scones to £19.90 for a kilo of Parma ham. The move has the blessing of So Good International, whose chilled and longlife soya milk range shares the same name ­ as long as the Somerfield range does not carry soya based products. "We might even get some spin-off in Somerfield stores," said So Good's business director Andrew Leslie. {{P&P }}