Inverness is no longer 'Tesco-town' - and has in fact fallen to fourth in the ranking of places most dominated by the UK's biggest retailer.

Although Tesco's market share in the Scottish town has risen from 51% to 52% in the past year, its slice of the cake is now higher in three towns - Southall and Truro, in both of which Tesco has 57% of grocery sales, and Swansea, where it has 54%.

A new analysis by retail consultancy CACI paints a picture of a country increasingly awash with the blue and white of Tesco, which commands a 31% overall market share according to TNS Worldpanel.

Tesco now has a greater than 50% market share in six towns - compared with just one last year. And where last year Tesco had the greatest market share in 67 of 121 British postcodes, this figure has risen to 81.

Tesco holds second place in 24 of the remaining 40 postcodes, and in another seven it is breathing down the neck of the number

two player.

It is not represented at all in just four locations: Harrogate, Kirkwall, Outer Hebrides and Lerwick.

Nicky Christie, associate director at CACI, which used the supermarket catchment model ProVision to calculate the shares, said: "Tesco is seeking to ensure customers across all of the UK have decent access to one of its stores.

"It will be interesting to see whether Tesco will use its Express stores as a means of plugging the gaps, or whether it will continue to seek out opportunities for large stores."

Inverness became famous as the town most dominated by Tesco after The Grocer published CACI ProVision data last year.