John Wood A new store opened in Glostrup, Copenhagen, will become the model for all Spar supermarkets across the globe. The 400 sq metre store, which is a joint project between International Spar and Spar Denmark, will be followed by one in Finland this autumn. It is the result of a project that was initiated by International Spar after a review of supermarket development in a number of Spar countries. The design aims to provide a bridge between the smaller Spar convenience stores in the UK, Japan and Ireland and the larger Spar supermarket formats operated across Continental Europe. Dr Gordon Campbell, International Spar managing director commented: "Some 35% of all Spar sales globally are accounted for by nearly 4,000 stores of between 400 and 1,000 sq metre selling space. "This format is, therefore, very important strategically. It is the most representative Spar format and is present in the majority of Spar countries." The Glostrup store has been remodelled, extended and upgraded and features a clear storefront to allow potential customers to see the full interior offer. The store interior is designed to meet daily fresh food/top-up shopping needs and provide for weekly shoppers. The focus throughout the store is on fresh product which is positioned around the store, and it has been zoned to relate to the specific meal requirements of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The service departments are at the rear of the store and strongly feature Food to Go. This is a new assortment of convenience products, including freshly prepared sandwiches, salads, hot deli and pizza. {{NEWS }}