Anna Ryder Richardson is set to become the first celebrity whose face is featured on toilet tissue.
The star of the BBC home makeover show Changing Rooms will appear on packs of Makro’s new own label toilet paper, Luxana Duo-Tone, which has been designed to tap into the growing interest in home décor and DIY interior design.
The toilet tissue is made by paper products specialist LPC and uses technology that blends two complementary tissue colours in a single roll.
LPC marketing manager Ray Seagrave said toilet tissue could play an important role in decorating a room.
He said: “People spend hours agonising about paint, drapes and other decorative elements for their homes, so why should things be any different just because an item is disposable?”
Rolling out to Makro this week, Ryder Richardson’s toilet paper will be available in two colour combinations - peach & white and lilac & pink - in packs of 18 for an introductory price of £3.99.
Makro category buyer Nick Redford said: “Softness and colour are the top two factors governing a customer’s choice of toilet tissue. With Luxana Duo-Tone we have a brilliant combination of the two.
“To my knowledge this is the first time that a celebrity has been prepared to support an own label product within the paper category and it is to the credit of the quality of our product and the strength of the idea behind Luxana Duo-Tone.”