The winner of this quarter's Star Order award for shopping excellence is, which replaces Ocado as The Grocer's top online retailer. Our shopper said the website was simple to navigate with clear instructions on how to process the order. With a delivery time-slot between 9 and 11, the van arrived at 10.40am and the driver was efficient and courteous. The crates were carefully packed and enabled our shopper to unload the groceries while the driver carried the few bags and other crates into the house. Although Tesco had the second-most expensive delivery charge, it made only one substitution and it would have delivered 33 items, but it did not stock the Cadbury Dairy Milk. claims that more than 250,000 orders are completed every week and it covers 96% of the UK. Our shopper liked the 'write notes to your picker' option on the website that allowed her to specify the exact type of wine and orange juice she wanted the picker to collect. But it was Tesco's commendably low total of four carrier bags that clinched our award, and the retailer has done well to recognise how strongly consumers feel about the environment. The zero-emission home delivery vans Tesco trialled in Shrewsbury in the spring have met success and the environmentally friendly fleet has now expanded into London. Last time, Tesco came under fire for using 13 bags - evidently it has listened to our concerns. "We introduced a bagless delivery service in June after listening to customer concerns about the number of bags used for home shopping," said a spokesman. "The initiative is one of a number of Tesco projects aimed at saving one billion carrier bags per year and was the result of a period of trials to determine how best to reduce bag use. "Customers who select the 'delivery without bags' option will have their products delivered in stackable green trays direct to their kitchens. "Customers who choose this option also receive Green Clubcard points. This a supermarket first."