Supermarkets are fighting a barrage of parking-related protests after introducing restrictions that local traders claim will kill business.

A petition signed by 18 traders in Ware, Hertfordshire, has been sent to Tesco bosses after it implemented a 90-minute restriction at its car park in the town centre. Under the new regime, vehicles are filmed as they enter and leave the car park and are hit with a £70 fine if they outstay their welcome.

Local businesses claim the restrictions are causing a drop in trade, as shoppers no longer have time to visit other shops.

Another Tesco store in Whitchurch, Shropshire, is being targeted with similar protests after it announced plans to fine shoppers £50 if they park for longer than two hours.

Aldi, meanwhile, claimed it was taking steps to minimise fines for overstaying the two-hour limit at its store in Romsey, Hampshire, but protesters claim the reduced maximum penalty of £60 is still too high.

Shoppers at Sainsbury in Surbiton, Surrey, face a £40 penalty notice if they park for more than two hours. Sainsbury said that the charges were intended to improve the availability of spaces.