Tesco has upped the ante in the supermarket clothing stakes with the launch of a major new clothing range from across the Atlantic. A "substantial" number of lines from US casual clothing giant Cherokee will be introduced to at least 300 stores in the autumn, said Tesco clothing CEO John Hoerner: "Our customers tell us they want to buy the latest fashions from us. They want top quality clothes that look good and are up-to-date, from a recognisable brand. "Cherokee launching into the UK with Tesco signals a massive gear change in the UK fashion market." Best known for its casual shirts, jeans, jackets and fleeces, Cherokee has quadrupled sales in the US and Canada over the last five years from $480m in 1997 to $2.2bn in 2002. The Tesco Cherokee range will be merchandised separately in Tesco's clothing departments and tailored exclusively for British customers, with ranges for men, women, children and babies, plus footwear and accessories. Slightly more casual than Fred & Florence, Cherokee lines will retail at about a 30% discount to equivalent garments from Next, said a spokesman. Verdict said Tesco has 7.8% of the fast growing value clothing market compared to Asda's 16%. {{NEWS }}