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Premium White Rum

From: The Co-operative Group

Launched under the Co-op’s own Fair Trade label, Premium White Rum is the first spirit in the UK to be endorsed by the Fairtrade Foundation. The rum is made from ethically sourced sugar cane grown in Paraguay.

Price: £10.99 per 70cl bottle

Total score: 35/50

Consumer's verdict

Dawn McLoone, accountant, 25, Belfast

The bottle looks good, suggesting that this is a quality product. However, I don’t think it would stand out on-shelf and I would probably walk past it to more familiar brands.

The most striking thing about the product itself is that it has a really overpowering aroma. This remained even when mixed with Coca-Cola.
This rum had a much sweeter flavour than Bacardi, which is my usual drink of choice, and with Coke it seemed a little too syrupy.

Overall the flavour was too strong and it was not as smooth as Bacardi.

I liked the Fairtrade message on the front, which made me think more about where the rum had come from. However, I would not be very likely to buy this and, at £10.99, I would be happy to pay the extra couple of quid for Bacardi.

Score: 13/25

Buyer's verdict

Andrew hargreaves, Trading Controller, off-licence, Landmark

Premium White Rum is another Fair Trade product reflecting the Co-op’s position as the UK's largest Fairtrade retailer.
By obvious inference, the product is only available to/from Co-op outlets and has already been part of a Fair Trade promotion which ran from February 14 to March 13. During this period it was offered at 20% reduction from the normal retail price of £10.99, so it no doubt attracted trial from white rum drinkers.

The packaging is dynamic. It comes in an oblong bottle, as opposed to the usual rounded bottles, with clear and effective descriptions.

It has a silky smooth taste when drunk neat, but, being a white rum, it will probably be more usually drunk as a mixed drink, either with cola or as part of a cocktail variation.

Score: 22/25