Sunjuice, the company that supplied Sainsbury with the orange juice in which a syringe was found last week, has had to invest £750,000 in measures to ensure such an incident can never happen again.
The South Wales-based company, which produces one litre orange juice with bits for Sainsbury, said it was back in production, with an ongoing criminal investigation by South Wales Police.
A Sainsbury spokeswoman said 180,000 cartons of the 77p orange juice were recalled as a result of the syringe, found by a customer in Bedfordshire, but tests had shown there were no traces of poison or drugs. The product is now back on shelves.
New security measures for Sunjuice include installing x-ray equipment on production lines, as well as using an external supplier to x-ray all products as they enter its distribution depot. Additional CCTV and security staff have been deployed.
MD Andrew Lord described the incident as “totally demoralising”. “Before this, we’d had an enviable record for 18 years, where nothing had gone wrong.” He said he was hopeful the police would make an arrest.