The total video retail market is valued at more than £1.1bn, according to the British Video Association, and children's titles are boosting sales through grocery. Tesco is among the multiples to heavily promote this genre which accounted for 20.5% of the retail video market in 2000. The chain is planning a Teletubbies Roadshow tour later this summer to support the release of Teletubbies Go (BBC Worldwide). One initiative which has contributed to the rise in children's video sales in grocery has been the introduction of a Kids Chart of titles, a trend started by Tesco more than a year ago and soon followed by its rivals. The sales figures for key children's releases can be huge. BBC Worldwide has released seven Tweenies videos, for instance, and all have sold more than 400,000 units with the biggest seller, Tweenies Song Time, shifting 542,000 copies [source: CIN]. Two new Tweenies titles are out this year. BBC Worldwide will also release Bill and Ben titles and bundle previously-released Teletubbies videos in two-packs. According to TN Sofres Audio Visual Trak, 36.3% of videos bought for or by the under-11s are from a supermarket, while Verdict Analysis reveals that in the pre-school category the multiples' market share is double that for standard videos. "Sales do tend to be stronger in grocery and research has shown that if the displays and the pricing are right then mums and dads shopping with their kids do not feel the pain of dropping a video into a weekly shopping basket worth more than £100," says BBC Worldwide's director of new business Tony Newham, who adds that around 50% of all its pre-school videos are sold through grocery. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}