Where keeping a fair skin won't burn a hole in your pocket Suncare has been part of Asda's Rollback campaign since last year, and its policy is a no nonsense approach towards pricing and sun protection factors (SPF). David Leigh, Asda marketing manager for toiletries, says."A fair price for a fair skin is Asda's policy. Whatever factor you buy, it's the same price. "If you buy an SPF4 from other retailers, the price will be different from an SPF15, and that price will be different from an SPF30. "We are the only chain that doesn't do this," Leigh says. "If you have a fair skin, we don't penalise you for it." Asda has now made the fixture easier to understand and easier to shop. "We've blocked suncare into areas, merchandising by brand and then by sector ­ all the aftersuns are together and all the artificial tanning lines are together," Leigh says. Asda claims to be the fastest growing chain in suncare, with a 22% value share and 27% volume share of the market. It stocks around 70 suncare lines in total, including 17 under its Asda Sun System brand. SPF15 is its bestseller. Both kids and artificial tanning are growing sectors and this year the multiple is giving consumers more choice. "There's a better offering of artificial tanning, and children's products, and higher sun protection factors," says Leigh. For Asda the season kicks off on February 25, building up to the May/June period when sales rocket, and it ends around September time. This year it is launching three products under its no frills Smart Price label. It claims these oils and lotions will be the cheapest on the market and, similar to a well known DIY product, "will do exactly what it says on the bottle". {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}