Who we visited

Co-OP High St, Highley, Shropshire

BOOTHS New Market Street, Chorley, Lancashire

SCOTMID CO-OP Main Street, Uphall, West Lothian

SmiLE Kingsway, Little Stoke, South Gloucestershire

SPAR Bristol Road, Highbridge, Somerset

How they performed

Availability was very spotty this week. Scotmid Co-op was the only top up shop able to provide all the items our shoppers were looking for.

The Booths store on New Market Street in Chorley was clean and nicely presented. However, our shopper was not offered help packing her goods and the store did not have Tetley tea bags.

The Co-op store on High Street, in Highley, Shropshire, was clean and well-organised.

Our shopper was not able to get a six-pack of unsmoked bacon, as the store only carries the eight pack.

Our shopper was very impressed by the service she received at the Scotmid Co-op on Main Street in Uphall, West Lothian. She was able to find all the items she was looking for.

She noted that the six pack of unsmoked bacon was on offer at two for £3 as opposed to the standard price of £1.73. At the checkout, the very friendly assistant packed her groceries without even asking her.

Our shopper at the Smile on Kingsway in Little Stoke struggled to complete her shopping, although the store was clean and the staff were very helpful.

The store only had twin packs of the Coca-Cola 2-litre and it carried 4 x 568ml packs of Stella, rather than the 4 x 440 ml. It also only had a 500g box of Tetley's tea rather than the 250g she was looking for.

The Spar on Bristol Road in Highbridge was clean and the staff friendly, but its aisles were cluttered with boxes of stock.