Who we visited

Spar Crawley, West Sussex

Londis Cheadle, Stockport

Shell Buckland, Surrey

Sainsbury's forecourt West Green, Crawley

Tesco Express, Red Kiln Way, Horsham

How they performed

All bar one of the stores visited for this week's Top Up Shopping exercise were unable to provide The Grocer 33's mystery shoppers with a pack of bacon.

Spar's small Crawley store was the only place where a six-rasher pack could be found, and our shopper paid £2.19 for the privilege.

Furthermore, not one of the five Top Up Shops visited this week were able to provide our shoppers with a full 10-item basket of goods.

As well as bacon, Sainsbury's forecourt store in West Green, Crawley, was not stocking blocks of butter, Tetley teabags in a 250g pack or Coca-Cola in a two-litre bottle, while the Tesco Express in Horsham was out of stock of semi-skimmed milk and was also not stocking bacon.

The Shell shop in Buckland did not stock three of the items on our list, while Londis' small Stockport store only stocked Weetabix in a 12-pack as opposed to the 24-pack that is required by our list.

However, four of the eight products bought at the Stockport store were on some form of multibuy promotion, the most tempting of which was two-litre bottles of Coca-Cola for £2.49.

Mars bars were another popular promotional choice this week, with Tesco Express and Sainsbury's each offering single bars at 35p or on a buy-three-save-15p deal.

At 45p, the Shell forecourt store was carrying the most expensive price for this product.

Meanwhile, milk prices appeared to fluctuate wildly with Sainsbury's the cheapest at £1.11 - the same price as in larger stores - while the most expensive was at Spar for £1.70.