Walmart has adopted Asda's Store of Learning initiative and is to roll out the training scheme globally.

The concept is being used in Walmart stores in Mexico and India and will spread to stores in China next year. Asda said its UK team had briefed management in Walmart stores in Canada, Argentina and Japan on the project.

SoL provides training for the supermarket's retail managers in specifically designed but fully operational stores, supported by classroom-based tuition.

Training covers areas such as law, leadership and finance, with classes followed by practical workshops. Staff are typically given four to eight weeks of training.

Trainees must also create a 100-day plan that they must implement after moving into a new role.

While the scheme aims to assist recruitment on a global basis, local teams will be encouraged to adapt the concept to suit their own needs, Asda said.

The scheme in the UK is headed up by retail people director Sarah Dickens. Asda operates 16 SoL sites, which include a typical Asda store with an attached training centre. Each site serves staff from approximately 25 Asda stores.

Last year Asda trained more than 2,000 UK-based managers through SoL, including 260 newly recruited managers and 982 managers moving to new roles with the company. It used the scheme to train 5,541 staff on new initiatives.