? Tesco caught the world's media off guard by quietly opening its first Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market store in the US last week, according to the Financial Times. After years of speculation and planning, the store opened a week earlier than expected in the small city of Hemet, near Los Angeles. The store features a "kitchen table" where staff prepare chicken curry and pizza, as well as self-service checkouts and a large number of own label products. ? The Food Commission is planning to launch a website to name and shame food companies that continue to use certain artificial colours in their products, the Daily Mail reported. The site, Action on Additives, will help parents identify foods their children should avoid. It claims additives identified as causing hyperactivity in children are found in 95% of cakes, as well as hundreds of sweets, fizzy drinks and processed foods. ? Tesco could be harder hit by the Competition Commission's provisional findings of its groceries inquiry than first thought, argued The Sunday Times. The supermarket giant is the largest supermarket operator in more than two-thirds of Britain's postcode areas, meaning that if planning ministers follow the Competition Commission's idea of making councils take local competition into account when looking at planning applications, Tesco could face constraints on opening new stores. Asda, however, could open as many as 150 new stores, said the paper. ? Tate & Lyle has signalled it is preparing to quit sugar manufacturing. The company, which revealed a 42% drop in half-year pre-tax profit to £84m last week, declined to comment directly on reports it would sell the division but confirmed it was anticipating takeover activity after 2010 when the European Union cut its sugar support prices, according to reports in the Daily Telegraph. "We are expecting consolidation in the industry post-2010. We expect to play a part in that," a spokesman told the paper.