Carrefour steps up pace globally
Paris, France: Carrefour is planning to accelerate growth in emerging markets, according to CEO José Luis Duran. Speaking at a shareholder meeting, Duran said the French retail giant was looking to enter Russia and India over the next two years and aimed to open 11 stores a year in Brazil, seven in Poland and 22 in China. Carrefour's first store in Russia was set to open in 2008, Duran added.

Wal-Mart 'against unions'...
Bentonville, Arkansas: US group Human Rights Watch has accused Wal-Mart of employing tactics designed to stop its workers forming unions. A report by the group, based on interviews with 41 current and former Wal-Mart workers and managers, claimed security cameras were focused on areas where staff congregated and loyal workers were moved around to ensure union recognition was defeated. "Wal-Mart's aggressive and sophisticated anti-union strategy is based out of its HQ," said author Carol Price. "This is not a store-by-store problem - the violations are a direct result of the company's philosophy."

...but wants the Greener Good
Mississauga, Canada: Wal-Mart Canada has launched an environmental scheme, For the Greener Good, under which it will reduce packaging, cut waste and sell greener products. This year Wal-Mart Canada aims to cut its carbon emissions by at least 19,000 tonnes and reduce store waste by a minimum of 87,000 tonnes. It has also introduced a For the Greener Good logo for use on environmentally friendly products and in August will host a supplier fair to source greener lines. "For the Greener Good represents a new company mindset," said Mario Pilozzi, president and CEO. "We're committed to knowing more and doing more about the environment."

Innovation boosts Kellogg's
Battle Creek, Michigan: Kellogg's has reported a 17% increase in first-quarter net profit to $321m (£160m) on net sales up 9% to $3bn (£1.5bn). The results were boosted by innovation and brand-building across its operations, Kellogg's said. In North America, Kellogg's recorded sales growth of 7% with 12% growth in international markets.

Winter merchandise blow for Seiyu
Tokyo, Japan: Wal-Mart-owned supermarket chain Seiyu has blamed a 1.1% decrease in first-quarter sales to ¥227.1bn (£900m) on lacklustre winter merchandise sales. Like-for-like sales for the period fell 0.7%, but the company's operating loss improved by ¥500m to ¥2.3bn (£9.6m). Seiyu said it would continue remodelling and expanding its network of 273 24-hour stores this year.

Wrigley reports profit up 28%
Chicago, Illinois: The Wrigley Company has reported a 28% increase in first-quarter net profit to $143m (£71.4m) on sales up 17% to $1.26bn (£630m). Sales increased across all regions, particularly Asia and Europe. "Our results this quarter reflect solid execution in the marketplace, including the launch of several new products and strong support of our brands around the world," said president and CEO Bill Perez.