Cadbury recorded the most activity across all brands found on featured space promotion last weekend. Accounting for 29% of the top five overall branded chart, Cadbury was nine points clear of Mars in second place.

Cadbury's offers were found in each of the five retailers, with the preferred promotional mechanic being x -for-y, which accounted for 64% of offers. Save was the second most prevalent mechanic with 24% of space, bogof third with 7%, while extra free and half price were each at 2% .

In second place in the top five branded chart last weekend was Mars with 20% of space. Featured space promotions were captured in four of the five retailers, with only Tesco not allocating secondary space. Three promotional mechanics were used, with 84% of products on x-for-y, 10% on save, while the remaining 6% were on special purchase.

Nestlé took third place with 16% of space and was on offer in all five retailers. X-for-y was again the primary mechanic for the brand, accounting for 64% of promotional offers. Save was second with 24%, and 12% offered a special purchase price.

In fourth place with 12% of space was McVitie's, which was found in Morrisons, Sainsbury's and Somerfield.

Each retailer used more than one promotional mechanic with the brand utilising four in total: 44% of offers used x-for-y, 39% buy-one-get-one-free, 11% save and 6% half price.

Two brands outside confectionery shared fifth place, with both Walkers and Heinz taking an 11% share.

Walkers' promotions were found on featured space in all five retailers with 59% of offers using buy-one-get-one-free, 29% x-for-y and the remaining 12% using save.

Heinz's promotions were found in four retailers on promotional featured space with the exception being Sainsbury.

The preferred promotional mechanic was x-for-y, which accounted for 65% of offers, save was second with 24% and extra free and buy-one-get-one-free each took 6%.