Kraft is hoping to woo female chocolate fans with what it has described as the first new Cadbury countline brand in over 15 years.

Rolling out from 8 October, Cadbury Crispello is aimed firmly at women, with each pack containing three separate chocolate-covered crispy wafer shells with a creamy chocolate filling. The launch will be backed by a £7m push kicking off next month.

“Nearly every other countline on the fixture is a bar, which some women have told us can be quite intimidating and not easy to share,” said Kraft Foods brand manager Toby Smart. “The separate pieces in Crispello give them control over how they eat it.”

Kraft had thought hard about how women might want to eat Crispello, and had made the packaging resealable, he added. Kraft has given its new creation a 50p rsp - stating it did not want price to be a barrier to trial - and meaning the 30g bar undercut the rsp of the 43g Kinder Bueno countline by 15p.

Kraft hopes Crispello will increase the frequency of countline purchases by women - a market down 0.5% by volume year-on-year [Kantar Worldpanel 52 w/e 2 September 2012] as shoppers eat more chocolate at home in formats like sharing bags.

Last month, Cadbury unveiled the Dairy Milk Bubbly Mini chocolate block (rsp: 59p/40g) that it said had the potential to bring younger women back into countlines.

Smart said Crispello was believed to be the first Cadbury countline brand since Fuse, which rolled out in 1996 and was dropped in 2006.