Unilever is repositioning its entire Cornetto portfolio to target a new, younger audience.

The brand is revamping branding and rolling out new flavours and formats in a bid to boost its appeal to 16 to 25-year-olds, supported by a £1m media push.

New Mix Minis snack multipacks are being launched in two mixed flavour SKUs (rsp: £2.75/ six 60ml cones) and a salted caramel & popcorn flavour ice cream has been added to the Enigma range (rsp: £1.50 each or £2.40/ four-pack).

“We aim to grow the brand by targeting fun-loving teens who will be attracted to Cornetto’s carefree and light-hearted personality,” said Brigitta Holland, brand manager for Cornetto.

“We’ve revamped the entire Cornetto range specifically for this target audience and anticipate it will drive excitement into the out-of-home and in-home market.”

Cornetto was ranked sixth in this year’s top 10 ice-cream best sellers, but volumes declined 8.8% from 2011 [Symphony IRI 52 w/e 8 December 2012].