Pixar Monster lollies

Crosse & Blackwell and R&R Ice Cream are banking on Monsters University proving a blockbuster, and are linking up with Disney-Pixar to launch Monsters ice lollies and jelly pots.

Princes-owned Crosse & Blackwell is adding green and blue apple and blackcurrant variants to its 4Kids fruit-flavoured jelly pots in honour of Mike and Sulley. The 120g pots (rsp: 59p) go into Asda from Monday (17 June) prior to the film’s release on 12 July.

Sulley and Mike also lend their colours to R&R’s Monsters blue lolly with a green slime centre (raspberry ice, vanilla ice cream and lime sauce). The lollies will be available in all major retailers from mid-June (rsp: £1/four-pack).