Here at The Grocer we like innovative products and we also like to support smaller businesses so are always keen to feature companies that we feel are ­offering something different to British shoppers.

It's great to hear, then, when one of those companies is enjoying success - especially when we have played a role in it.

So we were delighted to discover this week that Chokolit - a Staffordshire family business that makes handmade Belgian chocolates packaged in a box that is entirely made of chocolate - has secured a trial in Waitrose stores.

We featured the company in Brand News in our 22 July issue, having spotted it at the Heart of England Fine Foods' Find event.

The idea of Eating the Chocs, then Eat the Box really appealed to a chocoholic in our team.

Proprietor Phil Barnett rang to tell us that life "went crazy" after the article appeared in

The Grocer.

"I was on holiday in Wales when a kid on a bike shouted that I was in the paper. I said yes, I knew I was in The Grocer, and he said no, The Sun. It had picked up the story," says Phil. Stints on BBC local radio and digital television among other media followed.

Phil is now excited that Chokolit has secured a listing with Irish-based Pallas Foods for its 2007 hospitality brochure as well as a six-strong London store trial in the spring with Waitrose.

Phil has also been called in for talks about possible listings with other major retailers.