>>recently launched products put to the test

After prolonged NPD activity in speciality/ethnic breads, recent innovation has been focused on the traditional packaged bread market, with a switch into premium packaged breads, often linked to traditional bakery values, and the growing role of health.
Consumers are looking for added-value breads that bring taste and textural differences, for use in everyday needs such as sandwich-making and toast. New recipes such as seeded loaves have had strong ratings, but it is clear they are not yet core repertoire items.
With Warburtons products, acceptance levels have been high, although its premium price often deters.
Hovis has focused heavily on health following the success of Best of Both, although subsequent propositions have achieved varying levels of acceptance.
Lower salt had little impact on taste, as it was feared it would. Hovis will need to prompt first purchase.
Most people said they looked and tasted better than the original.
The concept puzzled most respondents, who didn’t know what to expect. Likely to be an occasional treat rather than a regular repertoire buy.
Not for traditionalists, this light, fruity option was enjoyed by people in the north.
The focus for new product development has switched to traditional packaged bread market
Put to the test: three recent launches (maximum score 50)Hovis Lower Salt White Bread Score: 37 Category average: 32
Old El Paso Soft Flour Tortillas - Salsa Score: 40 Category average: 34
Warburtons Muffin Toast Score: 34 Category average: 34
M&S Very Berry Hot Cross Buns Score: 40 Category average: 36
Produced for The Grocer by Cambridge Fast Foodfax®, an independent standardised new product testing service where a sample of 50 consumers rate new products across 10 key performance measures. Maximum score 50. Details on www.fast-foodfax.com.