When bananas are consumed

  • In the past year there were 3.2 billion banana meal occasions, an increase of 3% over the previous year
  • Breakfast and lunchbox occasions account for almost a half of banana consumption
  • Bananas have an older consumer profile, with 57% being consumed by those aged over 45. Females account for 56% of bananas consumed
  • The main motive for eating a banana is because it is healthy; two-thirds are consumed for this reason. This could explain the high consumption by older consumers, who tend to be more concerned with their health and eating healthier foods
  • Bananas are more likely to be consumed at the beginning of the week than at the weekend, with more than a third consumed on Monday and Tuesday. This is also connected with health motives. Health and practicality are important drivers at the beginning of the week
  • A quarter of bananas are eaten between 6am and 9am
  • 50% of bananas are consumed with a hot drink, of which 34% is tea. This fits the morning profile of banana consumption
  • Bananas are also consumed with sandwiches, cereals, crisps/nuts and yogurts

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