When carrots are eatennIn the past year, carrots were eaten on 3.6 billion occasions, up 3.9% on the previous year
n57% of carrots are eaten at the evening meal
n78% are eaten boiled and 28% are eaten on Sundays Carrots are mostly eaten as part of a main meal Carrots are used by consumers as a component of main meals rather than lighter meals.
More than two thirds of all carrots are eaten as part of a main meal, compared with 44% of all foods. As a direct result, cooking times for meals involving carrots are much higher than for other foods.
The average preparation time (including snacks) is just 19 minutes; but more than half of all meals featuring carrots take more than one hour to prepare and cook.
Potatoes, gravy, peas, poultry and beef are foods most likely to be eaten with carrots, typical components of the Sunday roast. In fact, 28% of consumption of carrots takes place on Sundays. Some 96% of carrots are eaten hot, with boiling being the most common preparation method. However, as tastes and trends change, consumers are stir-frying and microwaving carrots more than last year.
The old adage of kids not wanting to eat their greens rings true. Children account for 19% of carrot consumption, while only 17% of other vegetables are eaten by the 0 to 16-year-old age group.
Over the past year, more adult males are claiming to eat healthily and this can be seen in the case of carrots. Males have increased consumption of carrots over the past year, the biggest gains coming from males aged 35 to 44.
Matthew Ferguson, TNS
Produced for The Grocer by TNS. Year to November 2004.
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