Age profile of fish finger/fish cake consumersnFish fingers and fish cakes were eaten on 409 million occasions last year, down by 3% from the previous year
nChildren eat 40% of fish fingers and fish cakes - which means grown-ups eat 60%
n Three times as many fish fingers as fish cakes are eatenA quick weekday solution that retains broad appealChildren are the key group for the fish finger/cake category - they ate just under 40% of them in the last year. The 0 to 5-year-olds account for 17% of occasions. However, over 60% of fish fingers and cakes are eaten by adults.
Fish fingers consistently outperform fish cakes across all age ranges. Fish cakes have a distinctly older appeal, with over-45s eating 45% of all fish cakes. But this age group still eats 23% of all fish fingers.
Overall, the evening meal occasion is the most popular for fish fingers and fish cakes. But at teatime the influence of child consumers can be seen. The proportion of fish fingers consumed at teatime is 140% more than that of total food, and 60% more than total fish. Fish fingers/cakes are viewed as quicker and easier to prepare than the total food average, which ties in with the lighter nature of teatime. Speed of cooking is the key driver behind consumption at 25% of teatime occasions.
Consumption of fish fingers/ cakes peaks on a Friday, with 75 million occasions on this day in the past year. However, only 3.5% of fish finger/cake meals are motivated by “habit” or “tradition”.
Fish fingers and cakes are very much weekday foods. At the weekend, consumers enjoy more indulgent meals and so fish fingers/cakes are under-consumed significantly then.
Drummond Richards, TNS
Produced for The Grocer by TNS. Year to May 2005.
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