Who eats haddock and when

n Last year 98.5 million servings of haddock were consumed showing a 17% decline since 1999

n Haddock accounts for 3% of total fish consumption

n It has most appeal among older age groups. Key consumers are 65-plus women who account for more than 22% of all haddock consumption

n Children account for nearly 17% of total fish consumption but only 7% of haddock consumption

n The evening meal is the most popular meal occasion, when 68% of total haddock is consumed

n Lunch, which represents 15% of haddock consumption, is in serious decline, dropping 39% since 1999

n Eighty two per cent of haddock is consumed when there are just one or two people at the meal

n Friday is the most popular day to eat haddock - 24% is consumed
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