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Revealed: Brits’ packaging pet peeves

An exclusive poll for The Grocer reveals more than half of Brits hate excessive packaging and think manufacturers should prioritise cutting down…

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Tackling recycling: scoring points at Rugby World Cup

Rugby fans are helping to encourage positive behaviour change, says Coca-Cola…

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Think jam in a pouch is crazy? It could be the future

Brits can expect to see more of their favourite daily goods come in pouches in the near future, predicts Springetts Brand Design…

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Reality check: brands get digital to woo consumers

FMCG brands are embracing augmented reality apps, such as Blippar, which offer an interactive experience for consumers…

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E is for expectations. How to stand out to online shoppers

Online sales are booming, but what does it take for brands to stand out in an e-retail environment?

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Shiny! New looks see brands sparkle again

Mr Kipling, Honey Monster Puffs, Oxo and PG Tips are among the iconic brands that have been treated to a new style over the past year…

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Covert operation: how to beat the counterfeiters

Counterfeiting poses a real security risk to brands, so what can they do to fight back?

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Think small! What brands can learn from Unilever’s Compressed tech

Size matters, according to Unilever, which wants its competitors to put a shrink ray to their packaging using its Compressed technology…

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Shake it! Fat sprinkler tops global innovations list

We’ve teamed up with Mintel to scour the globe to find the most innovative packaging launches, from a fat shaker to a bottle of Smarties…

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Eggs and eco-soldiers: who’s ahead with green packaging?

What are the best eco-friendly packaging solutions of the last few years? The Grocer investigates…