Brits have been bitten by the juicing bug, sending sales of green veg, soft fruits and blenders in the mults soaring, new figures reveal.

Supermarket sales of blenders and juicers have soared 49 % over the past year, reflecting “healthier eating habits and the influence of brands like NutriBullet” said IRI.

At the same time, sales of avocados were up 31%, spinach by 21%, greens by 12% and soft fruits by 21.1% [IRI Retail Advantage 52 w/e 2 January 2016].

In contrast, sales of fruit juices are down 7.8%, with fruit drinks (-3.7%) and dilute-to-taste products (-6.9%) also down [IRI 52 w/e 30 January 2015], suggesting shoppers are ditching shop-bought drinks in favour of juicing at home.

Health-conscious shoppers also spent less on fizzy drinks such as cola (-1.7%), lemonade (-8.4%) and fizzy mixers (-2.1%), and more on bottled water (+10%).