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The Co-op has reported booming sales of premium spirits boosted by the rise of the home mixologist.

The retailer said value sales of its upmarket vodka portfolio had soared 42%, closely followed by a 41% rise in premium gin so far this year. Adventurous shoppers trading up to recreate the “sophisticated cocktails” found in upmarket bars across the country had been a key growth driver, said spirits buyer Sarah-Jane Wilson.

“Brits are wanting to adopt this sophisticated way of drinking at home and are becoming amateur mixologists in order to recreate the expensive cocktails found on exclusive bar menus,” she said, adding that “super premium” spirit brands were now a kitchen cupboard staple.

Spirits brands that had performed particularly well so far this year for the retailer included Grey Goose Vodka, Hendrick’s Gin and Martini, it said. Wilson predicted sales would continue to grow.