Rosemary hudson, 58, counsellor from cheadle hulme 

I often drink cream liqueurs and must confess to being a bit of a Baileys fan, which I drink with ice. I tried Drambuie Cream in the same way and was immediately hit with an artificial tasting sweetness that I haven't experienced with similar products.

The bottle says that it has been made with honey and aged whisky, but to me, it had a far harsher taste than I expected from this description.

Aside from the taste, the bottle is a bit old-fashioned and I'm not exactly sure who they are aiming it at, because I can't imagine my children going for this design either.

I'm just starting to think about what drink I'll be buying for Christmas, and tasting this drink has failed to dissuade me from choosing Baileys, which I find much smoother.
Score: 11/25