co-op Meal Deal Vending Machine

Source: The Co-op

Texts are sent to Co-op staff to alert them when an out-of-stock item needs refilling

The Co-op will test a chilled meal deal vending machine developed with Greencore over the next Bank Holiday weekend at the Reading Festival.

It will install two of the machines, which hold more than 400 items each. Products include sandwiches, crisps, healthy snacks, fruit, chocolate and drinks.

Out-of-stock items are dealt with via a mechanism that sends texts to Co-op staff to alert them when it needs refilling.

The Co-op will site the machines in the disabled camping area - the opposite side of the festival site to the 6,000 sq ft Co-op pop-up shop.

The machines will be housed within an open-sided shipping container to protect them from the weather at the festival from 21 to 25 August.

“As a community retailer we are always looking at ways to serve our customers as conveniently as possible,” said Co-op customer director Alison Jones.

“This vending machine trial is exciting as it will give us an opportunity to serve a specific community of Reading festival-goers and gather real-time learnings as to the ease and convenience the machine provides.”