Brighton Rd, Horley
Opening hours: 24/7
Price at the pump: Unleaded 122.9p Diesel 123.9p

co-op fascia

The Co-op is enjoying a revival and although the fascia hasn’t been updated to the new clover design, this shop is a fine example of why. On entering the clean store a rustic display of fruit and vegetables gives way to chillers filled with ready meals and fresh meat before dairy takes over. Several round-pound deals on cases of lager are also at the front of the store.

co-op logo

Price analysis

This Co-op only sold boxes of 80 PG Tips, which bumped up the price of the overall basket - and at £2.79 it was the most expensive place to buy them. Overall, at £21.44 it emerged with the second most expensive basket, exactly four pounds more than Sainsbury’s.

It was only cheapest on one item, charging 69p for the Warburtons Toastie loaf - a clear 25p cheaper than Morrisons Daily. As for how it compared with a larger Co-op store, the bill at the big store came to £18.02, so there was a premium of £3.42 to be paid - although half of this was down to Ben & Jerry’s being on a ‘third off’ price promotion in the large Co-op, which made it £1.70 cheaper.

The larger store also sold the cheaper box of 40 PG Tips. Both charged £2.49 for the lasagne and 49p for the milk.

This store was absolutely stuffed with SKUs but shelves were well stocked and neat and tidy and the floorspace was clutter-free. Hanging banners promoted the 5:1 card - as did the till receipt, which said we would have earned 27p to spend in the Co-op and given 5p to charity. The only substitution was a different flavour of Ben & Jerry’s and a box of 80 PG Tips instead of 40, which nudged up the price.

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The real star of the show was behind the till, however. Store staff can make all the difference. As well as being chatty and friendly, the assistant packed my bag for me, offered me a 5:1 card, Lotto tickets, asked if I needed anything else, and put a Co-op magazine in my bag. Class.




Food to go 1/5

If Colonel Sanders wasn’t already dead this wretched excuse for a hot Southern Fried Chicken Baguette would finish him off. By the time it emerged sweating from its unsuitable plastic wrapping the baguette itself (labelled as Freshly Baked, which I am sure it was, at some point) was unpleasantly moist and chewy.

co-op food to go

Meanwhile there were plenty of southern fried chicken fillets wedged inside but they were so bland this wasn’t a good thing. There was no lettuce. No mayo. And it still managed to come in at a belt-busting 661kcals.

I was left wishing I had picked one of the bacon rolls with some free HP sauce and Heinz ketchup from the other hot food on offer from the small hot cabinet. With crisp streaky bacon and a soft white roll, it would have been a better choice than this miserable effort.

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