An EPoS trainer for the retailer said the update was ‘bringing Nisa into the 21st century’

Nisa has urged its retailers to upgrade the software platform on which they use the retail buying group’s order capture system (OCS) if they do not want to fall victim to hackers or find the system does not work properly.

A computer security protocol called Transport Layer Security (TLS) which contributes to securing communication over the internet is being updated to a new version.

Adam Mitchell, EPoS trainer at Nisa, warned that retailers still using pre-Windows 7 operating systems may no longer be able to make orders and accept deliveries, or they might find system functionality is reduced.

Mitchell stressed that the EPoS had not suffered any security issues recently or in the past but the current TSL update was bringing Nisa into the 21st century, ensuring the systems were more secure and reliable.

“It is not compulsory,” he said, “but strongly advisable not just for ordering purposes but for their business to remain secure.

“Microsoft can only support a number of operating platforms and as such the support for older systems that are now obsolete does not exist. So they focus on current operating systems which in turn makes stronger platforms for Windows 7 and above.”

Mitchell said Nisa did not have an exact number for those retailers still using older Windows operating systems.

The group has used social media to alert its retailers and the field team will make retailers aware when they visit their stores.

It pointed out the cost of upgrading was cheaper than being hit by a cyber-attack and would provide peace of mind.