One stop website

One Stop has launched a new website that it believes is easier to navigate and more helpful to customers.

The foodie-inspired homepage features Parmesan falling like snow onto a pasta dish using a mixture of video and still photography.

“Star Offers” highlight flagship deals such as any two Dr Oetker pizzas for £5, any two Ben & Jerry’s ice creams for £5, various £1 deals such as two bags of Doritos and 40p off Happy Eggs.

One Stop’s “better quality sandwiches” are highlighted, explaining they include “less fat, less salt and more filling”, as well as the One Stop range of “bigger packs, smaller prices, better ingredients”.

The site features recipes to inspire customers to try new dishes, including Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad, featuring ingredients from the One Stop range.

A One Stop spokeswoman said the redesign aimed to make the site as helpful as possible for its customers.

“With an easy-to-navigate layout, there is a wealth of information including a useful store guide, recipes and details of our latest Star Offers,” she explained.

Information about careers with One Stop is clearly signposted, as well as how to open One Stop franchises using graphics to highlight the benefits, including “better sales, bigger profits”, “a simpler way of retailing” and “market-leading promotions”.