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Dean Holborn’s new refurb has been a success with customers and has also increased sales

Prominent independent retailer Dean Holborn has grown sales by 13% since refurbishing his store with support from Palmer & Harvey in September.

Holborn’s store in Nutfield, Surrey, underwent a three-week refurbishment before reopening on 23 September.

Tobacco products were moved to drawers below the till, which has freed up space behind the counter that Holborn is using to stock local wines and premium boutique spirits.

While total sales climbed 13%, sales of alcohol products are up 46%, while crisps and snacks have jumped by 54%.

“We’re already seeing the benefits of making the changes and investing in our customer experience, which is really the most important thing,” said Holborn.

“We take pride in being part of the local community here and we are delighted the new-look store is continuing to provide our customers with a great local service.”

The refit on which P&H advised also includes new fittings, flooring, and LED lights to make the shop “greener”.

A larger chilled section has a more efficient refrigeration to reduce the store’s carbon footprint.

P&H marketing development manager Warren Simmons said: “We are delighted to have been a part of bringing Dean’s vision to life. Both Holborn’s stores are of an incredibly high standard, and go above and beyond in servicing the needs of the community.”