Nestlé's Polo Smoothies are set to make their TV debut in April in the first burst of a £2m campaign which also celebrates the arrival of a new permanent member of the portfolio, Blackcurrant Breeze. The new flavour will join the brand's pioneer Strawberries & Cream on stands from March 12. A shelf-ready two facings, six bags outer is available. The ads kick off on April 1 and run for four weeks. Entitled Hole Couture, they feature sophisticated models wearing Polo Smoothies as jewellery, but the sweets prove too hard to resist. A second burst of the ad campaign is due later in the year. Polo Smoothies ­ the brand's first move into hanging bags ­ launched in August 2000 and went head to head with Bendicks Campino brand which had had a head start. Nestlé promised £3m worth of support, half the Campino budget. It claims Polo Smoothie has grown faster than its rival but admits it has a smaller distribution base. {{MARKETING - P&P }}