Cravendale has finally unveiled its new packaging, with a design that stresses the filtered milk's purity.

The new design does away with the grass and daisy theme and replaces it with a simpler and cleaner look featuring pure, flowing milk.

Arla had planned to bring in new designs last April, but had a change of heart following poor consumer panel reviews.

Arla has allocated Cravendale a £10m marketing budget this year, including £7m to be spent on above-the-line activity to promote its one-litre format to singles and couples, while cinema ads will run before Toy Story 3 and Shrek Forever After this summer to target families.

The brand will launch its first loyalty scheme in July, with on-pack codes redeemable for rewards.

Cravendale expects to sell 200 million litres of milk this year, up from 189 million last year, with sales rising £14m to £160m.