Start-up business Viva La Papa is seeking supermarket listings for its three-strong range of artisan crisps produced in Peru.

The Viva La Papa line-up, available now from Selfridges and Whole Foods Market, comes in BBQ, Mixed Chillies & Lime and salty Sal de Manas flavours (rsp: £1.99/142g). A 42g format is scheduled to join the range next month (rsp: 89p).

Made from potatoes grown in the Peruvian highlands, the range ­contains no additives or ­artificial flavourings.

The company, founded in 2010 by Alec Cousins a former MD of sauces and soup producer Joubère ­introduced the range in Europe and the US earlier this year, and is expecting first-year sales of £1m. It is currently presenting the crisps to UK retailers.