Tyrrells has brought together three coloured potato varieties to create packs of red, white and blue crisps.

It is marking the Jubilee with 150g bags of the salted crisps, made with potato varieties Highland Burgundy Red, White Lady Claire and Salad Blue. The crisps - available for £2.99 while stocks last at retailers including Waitrose, Selfridges, Fortnum & Mason and Harrods - carry a premium over the normal lines, which have a £1.89 rsp.

For two weeks…. Queensmill

Allied Bakeries’ Kingsmill bread is becoming Queensmill for two weeks from 21 May, when limited-edition packs of its Soft White, Tasty Wholemeal and 50/50 lines will start rolling out. “We hope these limited-editions become a must-have for parties,” said category director Guy Shepherd.

“Price is driven by scarcity of the variety of potatoes,” said marketing director Oliver Rudgard. “This is particularly true of the Highland Burgundy and Salad Blue, as they are difficult to get hold of on any commercial scale. We have also mixed beetroot in to boost the red colour and this has an effect on the rsp.”

Among other brands to unveil Jubilee activity this week are M&M’s, Kingsmill (see above) and J2O, which has launched limited-edition variant Diamond Berry.