Rumour has it Michel Roux Jr invited every single TV producer in the country round for dinner last year and got them so hammered they all signed him up to present their shows on the spot.

Admittedly, I just started that rumour, but come on. Michelin-starred bribery must be involved for this unnatural TV presenter to be so busy. His latest show, The Roux Scholarship (Watch, weekdays, 7pm), means he has been on TV so much recently he could teach Jamie Oliver a thing or two about getting his face on the box.

And what a face. He’s so gaunt, like a mournful prisoner of war who has spent the past two years building a bridge over the River Kwai. They say never trust a thin chef. If that’s true, Roux Jr must be a world-class bullshitter.

So, I’m not a huge fan of Roux Jr the TV presenter, but he does know his beurre noisette from his beurre blanc, like the rest of his outstandingly talented family. Or, as the show (another talent show!) described them, the “gastronomical mafia”.

It’s a curious nickname for a family headed by the adorable Michel Roux Sr. And although family Roux were backed up by supposedly intimidating judges, one of them was Rick Stein - less Jimmy Conway down a dark alley, more wet vicar obsessed with fish.

Roux Jr should have got his villainous soux chef Monica Galetti involved. She even sounds like a mafia hit-girl. And you know if Sonny Corleone ever raised a hand to her, he’d end up sleeping with the fishes - in a Michelin-starred bouillabaisse.