The ASA is considering launching an investigation into A2 milk after receiving complaints about the first press ads for the new brand - which is targeted at people who struggle to digest conventional milk.

A2 milk contains only A2 type milk protein, where conventional milk usually contains both A1 and A2 types, and claims to provide a “natural answer to a question of A1 milk protein intolerance.”

This week, the ASA told The Grocer it had, to date, received three complaints about A2’s print ad, which asks ‘Milk intolerant? Digest this’ and quotes shoppers who claim to have benefited from drinking A2. “The general nature of the complaints is that the ad could be deemed misleading and harmful as it suggests that those that are lactose intolerant could drink it,” an ASA spokeswoman said.

A2 - a joint venture set up between Robert Wiseman Dairies (now Müller Wiseman Dairies) and A2 Corporation - said it took its consumer responsibilities seriously and had developed communications alongside the FSA and Department of Health to ensure it positioned the brand in the right way.

“Through this rigorous planning approach we have adopted approved messaging on pack and in our brand communications that makes it very clear that A2 milk is not for, amongst others, lactose intolerant sufferers or those with serious milk allergies.”

The ASA spokeswoman said the watchdog was pondering whether to launch an investigation. “We will carefully assess the complaints before deciding on the next steps.”

A2 hit the headlines earlier this month when Dannii Minogue promoted it on ITV’s Lorraine show and failed to mention she was paid by A2. The milk had its UK launch last month and is in Morrisons, Budgens and Tesco.