Arla’s co-branded organic milk with McDonald’s

Arla’s co-branded organic milk with McDonald’s

Arla and McDondald’s have launched a new co-branded organic milk bottle for the fast-food giant’s Happy Meals.

The 250ml bottle will celebrate Arla and McDonald’s 30-year partnership, which has seen the processor supply McDonald’s with own label organic milk for its Happy Meals, tea, coffee and porridge since 2007.

Available with Happy Meals from over 1,270 McDonald’s UK restaurants, the new branded bottle will feature the Arla logo alongside McDonald’s Golden Arches. 

Arla is expected to supply over 30 million litres of organic milk to McDonald’s this year, and reach more than 5.5 million customers across the stores.

This is the latest step by Arla to try to increase the profile of its organic milk, following a rebrand in July which added the free-range claim to its Organic Farm Milk bottles.

“Arla has been working on a range of initiatives in recent months aimed at making organic milk more accessible to our customers,” said Jonathan Dixon, vice president of food service at Arla Foods UK. “The rollout of Arla Organic Milk 250ml into McDonald’s restaurants across the country is a great way for us to expand the reach of our products.

“We look forward to working together on a series of new initiatives in the coming months and years. Watch this space!”