The new A2 milk brand - targeted at consumers who struggle to digest conventional milk - will be investigated by the Advertising Standards Authority over claims its ads are misleading.

The ASA moved after receiving five complaints relating to two A2 press ads. “They are challenging whether it misleadingly implies the milk is suitable for those with milk allergies or who are lactose intolerant,” an ASA spokesman said.

One complainant, Arla Foods, said it was “not in a position” to comment while the investigation was ongoing. However, the dairy giant is likely to be concerned about the threat of A2 to its Lactofree dairy brand’s sales, which is aimed at people with a lactose intolerance. In contrast to Lactofree, A2 is targeted at those with a perceived intolerance to A1-type milk protein. A2 only contains A2-type protein.

A2 Milk (UK) Ltd - a joint venture between Robert Wiseman Dairies and A2 Corporation Ltd - declined to comment because the investigation was “still live”.

In November, The Grocer revealed the ASA was mulling an investigation.